by Maria Semple


This book is a rule breaker in that it is Adult Fiction, not YA.

Parents: Have no fear! There is no sex or violence and very few swear words (if any).

Teens:  Don’t let this stop you from reading it!

This is a hilarous story told mostly through a series of emails,  letters and phone calls of a teenage daughter’s search to find out where her wacky (but lovable) mother disappeared to!

Bee dearly loves her brilliant, artistic mother -Bernadette- in spite of her quirks.  Her father is a laid-back computer geek working for Microsoft, who also has some issues.  Things at home are pretty chaotic.

When Bernadette gets into a feud with another mother, whose son attends Bee’s school, the “crazy” just escalates!


I especially enjoyed the frantic tone in the emails from the school’s fund-raising chairman “Ollie O.” to Bee’s parents.  Oh, my gosh they were so true to life, that I had flash-backs to my own days of parent-organizing school events!

Spoiler:  Bee’s Mother is found in the most unlikely of places, but I guarantee you will enjoy the search for her and the discoveries that the search uncovers!    Others must agree, because this book is being made into a movie .



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