Most sections of the story are written like any other narrative, but sprinkled throughout the book are  sections rendered in black and white artistic panels like a good graphic novel.  It’s the best of both worlds! I love it!

Graphic Art
Graphic Art

The premise of the story has a familar theme, but it is well written.

“Malice” is a world that exists inside a comic book.  Any kid can  tumble into this scary, secret world by saying the magic words.  But,  they can’t get out again until they get a white ticket!  This is incredibly hard to do!  And, if they make it back to the outside world, they forget everything that has happened to them!

Seth jumps in to rescue his friend Luke.  Now Kady must go in to rescue Seth!  If any of them get out, will they remember enough to help the ones left behind?


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