Happy Canada Day!


And to celebrate the 147th year of Confederation (this is the Canadian version of Independence Day) we have three books from Canadian authors.


Starting with a serious, but amazing read.  In The Bite of the Mango Mariatu Kamara relates the events that took her from a small, happy village through the horrors of war, and finally to safety.  Recorded by Canadian journalist Susan McClelland, this is the story of an amazing journey, and the will to live that kept one young girl alive against impossible odds and obstacles.  This may be a non-fiction title, but the story will have you turning pages at high speed.


And now, for something completely different, let Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina sweep you away on dragon wings to a world of intrigue, music, and secrets.  Seraphina has a big (seriously BIG) secret.  In a world where dragons and humans co-exist, Seraphina is dragged into the mystery surrounding a hideous murder – and now her secret is a risk.  This is one of those reads that makes you feel like you are right there, wrapped up in the world of the story and living alongside the very real characters you find there.  Total escape, really well written.  HIGHLY recommend.


Would you rather be a spy or, well, dead.

Not much of a choice, really.  But for Mary Quinn, staying alive in Victorian London means exactly that.  Rescued from the gallows, Mary finds herself enrolled in a girls’ school where spying and intrigue are part of the curriculum.  The secret curriculum, that is.  This book is the first of a series, so don’t be afraid to make friends with the vivid characters.  Another fun escape into a setting that will wrap around you and make you feel like you’re there.

So.  Next time you’re in search of a great book, look North, eh?

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