The Rot & Ruin Series by Jonathan Maberry


This teen zombie thriller, similar to the Walking Dead includes a lot of zom killing mixed up with relationship drama between Benny Imura and his brother Tom, Benny and his “girl” friend Nix Riley, Benny and his friends Chong and Morgie. We start our journey in the town of Mountainside where most of the characters live. School is over and it’s time to choose a career. Benny ends up an apprentice to Tom and finds out there is more to killing zoms than he thinks.






It’s been six months since the battle with Charlie Pink Eye and his sidekick the Motor City Hammer. Our friends leave Mountainside in search of the plane they saw flying overhead after spending months training with Tom. Lilah the Lost Girl joins the group and she is a force to be reckoned with.  Chong is head over heals in love with her, but Lilah is not into the “town boy”. Lilah has spent her entire life on her own in the Rot & Ruin. Not much can get by her!  Just because Charlie Pink Eye & Motor City Hammer are dead doesn’t mean the end of Gameland. Our heroes are captured and forced to fight in the zombie pits! Can they be saved? Will everyone make it out alive?






After the horrors of Gameland we continue east in search of the plane and a chance for a life worth living. Can animal turn into zoms? It seems they might.  Humans are crazy and the dead are hungry! After saving our young friends from a vicious animal attack, Riot joins the group and leads them to Sanctuary. Look out when she pulls her slingshot out, she doesn’t miss!  Will our heroes ever be safe when at every turn they encounter the likes of Saint John and his horde of Reapers whose main goal is to kill every living human left on the planet







Finally the heroes reach Sanctuary only to find it is not quite what they dreamed of. A cure is in the works but a few important components are missing such as Dr. McReady, the only scientist who knows the final steps in creating the needed medicine. Benny and his friends must help Captain Ledger find her.  Saint John and the Reapers are hot on the trail of creating an antidote to the cure. They want to cause the death of all humans. Saint John also has plans to head west and destroy our hometown of Mountainside. Can our heroes save their home? Will a sacrifice have to be made?
Read this great series and be “Warrior Strong”!



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