Rule Breaker: Whispers Under ground by Ben Aaronovitch

whispers underground

I miss the Harry Potter series.  But fortunately I have found a new magically series about Peter Grant, an English police officer (constable), who is training in the ways of magic, a sorcerer’s apprentice.  Peter is part of a secret branch of the police that investigates crimes where magic is involved.

This series is a nice way to start your summer reading, the plot is light and even though murder is involved the story isn’t depressing or heavy.  Mainly, because Peter doesn’t take himself seriously.  This book is the third in the series and it does mention situations and characters from past books but it will not take too much away from the story.  There is a bit of foul language and if you are not up on British slang you may have a bit of a problem but overall a nice read.  What I enjoyed most was Peter’s wicked sense of humor.

If you must read a series from the beginning, the first book is, Midnight Riot, but for those who use the Chesapeake Public Library System, we don’t own Midnight Riot.  But don’t worry we can get it for you, go to,  click Services, click Interlibrary Loan Request, and fill out the form.