Today is national DARE day.  Yes, people will undoubtedly dare each other to do stupid and unsafe physical stunts.  Please don’t!!!! I DARE you to do something so unbelievable it can only be accomplished by individuals with a great amount of stamina and brute strength (of mind or character).  Here it goes…READ.  uh – I know that is shocking, but the real DARE is that I want you to READ and challenge a friend to READ.  Have a READ-off or READ-a-thon or whatever.  I know – Reckless – right?  Wait, there is more…After you READ, Discuss what you read.  GASP!   Who is willing to take on a challenge of this magnitude? could you conquer this feat?


  • READ for those who can’t read (or maybe read to them)
  • READ for those who don’t have books(or libraries)
  • READ for those poor souls who can read and have books (and libraries) but choose not to READ!

Whatever you do, for goodness sake just… READ!

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