For this Wednesday, I’ve got a pair of terrifying titles for today’s Teen Book Battle.




Amity is the story of a house with a dark history told from two perspectives. This story calls on a long tradition of American haunted house tales and fans of Amityville Horror will appreciate the book as an homage to the genre.

The Girl From The Well is the story of a Japanese spirit who wanders the planet killing people. This story reads like a love letter to Japanese horror films and fans of The Ring will be intrigued by this story.

Personally, I love ghost stories, so I devoured both books with no trouble at all.

Which book is scariest? Probably Amity, because there’s something horrifying about slowly going insane or watching your house drive your family mad.

Which book did I like best? Definitely The Girl From The Well, this book has some creepy moments but I was most impressed with the research the author did to capture the beauty of a Japanese ghost story. When the ghost was hanging from the ceiling with her hair all snaking out from her head… oh my goodness, I was like this:


Which one should you read? Both! But, if you are only going to read one, read The Girl From The Well.

Thanks to Edelweiss for free advance copies of both books and thanks to Giphy for the cool GIF! Also shout out to the authors Rin Chupeco (I love your book!) and Micol Ostow (Write another book for me please!)!

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