Both of our contenders want more out of life than what society or their families want for them.  They will achieve their goals in any way they can.  But which book tells a better story ?

Today’s battle is:

Spirit’s Princess by Esther Friesner


Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer


First up: Spirit’s Princessprincess

Set in ancient Japan, before there was a written language, Himiko, tries to find her own path in life.  Himiko’s father is the chieftain for the Matsu clan and the family would like nothing better than to have a dutiful and obedient daughter.  Himiko wants more out of life.

Next: Bloody Jack

bloody jack

Jack Farber is a cabin boy aboard the H.M.S. Dolphin.  Tired of living on the streets of London with a gang of orphaned children begging for money to buy food, a life at sea is just the change needed.  Seeing the world and having adventures is a dream come true, but hiding your secrets can be stressful.  Jack is a girl named Mary.


Both books start slowly, so have patience, the action picks up in the middle.  The reason for the slow start maybe because both books are begins of series (Bloody Jack has 10 books currently and Spirit has one more book).  Spirit’s Princess didn’t grab me it was ok.  The overall story is interesting but the author does take her time to set up the story for the next book.  I also didn’t like the way Spirit’s Princess ended, it was abrupt and at a critical moment in the story (angry me).

Bloody Jack gave me the feeling that I was reading a diary and I could see Jack’s growth as she learned more about the world and herself.  I also enjoyed the way the dialogue changed as she switched locations.  On the streets of 18th century London she speaks like a Dickens character (“the girl what stole me clothes “), after becoming a ship’s boy she takes on the language of a sailor, and as she becomes more educated, words and phrases change.

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