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Book 12 in a series


This is a rule breaker because it is not YA – it is an Adult Book.  The plot of the story is a troubled policewoman who solves a murder that is tied to an earlier crime that was committed by some HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS years ago.

The blurb on the jack sounded interesting and it WAS a fairly good story.  However, it also promised that “Mallory” (the policewoman) was the successor to Lisbeth Salander, Stig Larrson’s hero.  She isn’t.

The first part of the story was fast paced, but once you figured out “who did it” the story should have ended.  Instead, it dragged on with unnecessary scenes featuring an earlier suspect that nobody cared about.  Maybe the author thought readers were still unable to solve the clues that had already been given?  Anyway, I plowed through the last part unwilling to miss a possible plot twist, but there wasn’t any.

In the end, I feel like I devoted more time to reading this book than it was worth.  Part of it is my own fault because I didn’t realize that this book was the 12th book in a “Mallory” series  starring the same detective until well into the story.  The fact that the story was able to be read as a “stand alone” book is a credit to the author.  Not everyone can do this.

What I don’t understand is the appeal this policewoman has on readers to generate the clamor for twelve books (or more) about her.


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