Unleashed by Nancy Holder


Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan



Unspoken and Unleashed are both treats from the paranormal fantasy genre.  Unspoken is a delicious little adventure on the other side of the pond where a mysterious family with a deep dark secret has returned to the manor and brought death and fear along for the ride. Unleashed is woodsy story about an orphan sent to live with the grandfather she never really knew in a forest with dark dangerous secrets of its own. Both books keep you guessing as to their supernatural boogies.


Following the proud tradition of other supernatural teen titles, these books both feature hot guys and character-defining situations. But, let’s get down to which one is for you.

1. Do you like…

a) scary moments

b) quirky moments

2. Would you prefer…

a) no friends

b) imaginary friends

3. Can you handle…

a) hair-raising fight for your life scenes

b) hair-raising death scenes

4. Do you prefer…

a) athletic main characters

b) nosy main characters

5. Do you like…

a) stories based in America

b) stories based in the United Kingdom
You decide the winner on this Teen Book Battle… count your a’s and b’s. If you have more a’s Unleashed is the book for you. If you have more b’s try Unspoken instead.


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One thought on “TEEN BOOK BATTLES: THE "UN" Battle

  1. Unspoken is one of my most favorite books. Sarah Rees Brennan is so funny and I love Kami Glass. Such a feisty main character!

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