Teen Book Battle

In Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink by Stephanie Kate Stronm, we learn that as much as she loves clothes and cooking and just being a girl, Libby is also a “History Geek”.  She is happy to get the chance to work during the summer at the Living Museum of the Sea in Maine, where she will dress in period costume and run the home economic camps – 1791 style. She meets Garrett, a newpaper reporter who is investigating a ghost story and falls in love.

Libby’s adventures continue in Confederates Don’t Wear Couture, when she agrees to go into business with her best friend Dev, a sewing genius, who is designing clothes for Civil War re-enactors.  It might have been fun except for the hoop-skirts, the heat and another annoying ghost.  Will Libby fall in love with Beau  or remain true to Garrett?

Both of these stories were little bits of fluff with basically the same plot – just altering the geography.  The main characters stayed the same. The bit players were swapped out with new names, but kept the same traits.  I guess if your first book sells, you stick with the same formula?

They were both quick reads and required little thinking – a pleasant enough way to kill some time.

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