NIGHTS are spent by most people in sleep, but maybe we should spend a night occasionally outdoors

IN order to look up at stars and think about what we are doing in the daylight. With a sliver of the

WHITE moon hanging in the sky, surely our mind would be as comforted as a body sliding between

SATIN sheets. The cares of every day could fall into perspective. Life should be more than lists that

NEVER end. There are too many tasks to complete, too much chaos to organize. I seek peace found
REACHING beyond time allotted to us to attend to the daily demands of home, job, and responsibility.
THE time we set aside for reflection should not be squandered with regrets, but used purposely to
END negative habits and stop non-productive thinking that gets in the way of the pleasures of life.
LETTERS should be written to friends and family members thanking them for the acts of kindness
I’VE received, and begging their forgiveness for the times I’ve caused them pain. Either type of letter
WRITTEN would help us step outside the daily slog, to a place where serenity floats like a dream.
NEVER deny the appeal of a clean slate when embarking upon a new beginning! To start fresh gives
MEANING to any journey that deliberately sets out to move beyond the routine of daily life.
TO achieve this Nirvana, my next step will be to get rid of physical disorder. To open up space, I’ll
SEND away clutter that is binding me to this place on Earth with the discomforting weight of worry.
BEAUTY, function and love are the only reasons to hold onto objects. Simplicity will set me free.
I’D rather live a spare and simple life. Not austere, not unadorned, not harsh – just uncomplicated.
ALWAYS, I’ve wished I was the type of person who was neat and precise, but I’m not. I may have
MISSED out on opportunities because I am scrappy –outspoken and determined- operating always
WITH the intent to evade rigid ideas of what is acceptable, purposely choosing non-conformity.
THESE behavior traits are not qualities that often merit applause, yet I’m content. I guess my
EYES see things differently when it comes to following orders. I do not trust the obedient person!
BEFORE I leave this Earth, I want to know that I’ve squared away all relationship issues, retained
JUST the physical things I truly need and want, and left myself enough time to do things I want to do.
WHAT time remains, I’d like to design for myself. It would be virtuous if I could say that I wanted
THE extra time to volunteer for a just cause, that I was working on a great invention, or novel. The
TRUTH, however, is that I don’t wish to impress anyone. I just want time to read, garden, and play.
IS it selfish to want to finally be able to travel to all those places I’ve wanted to go, but couldn’t?
I could do this earlier when I was working 40-hours a week and had family responsibilities. . I
CAN’T imagine how we could have afforded it! Now, we’ve got the money – not a lot- but enough to
SAY that we could go to a few places and have fun while we are both still active. Putting it off
ANYMORE just seems foolish! Why wait? Now is the time to do those “someday” things
CAUSE the hourglass sand is running out! Tonight I’ll open the curtains, gaze at the sliver of moon
I see hanging over our deck and I’ll take out a pen to make a list of places I want to go with my
LOVE beside me. For what fun would it be to go alone without my life-long companion? Would
YOU? I think not. I better hurry, though. Time is swift. I hope the days of my future are not past.


Born to read, forced to work.

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