Burn Out

Tora has been locked in a bunker alone for what feels like forever. Once upon a time the bunker was home to her mom, dad and little sister, but like everyone else on the planet they are dead. The sun has scorched away all signs of life except for a sturdy variety of cacti- the world’s only source of oxygen. As her water runs out, Tora has to face the fact that she’s not going to live long.

This book should be popular among the gamer crowd. It’s a little bit Fallout 3 and Mass Effect meets Firefly and Star Wars. Kristi Helvig uses her psychology skills to develop some grey characters- the future doesn’t have a white knight in sight. I can’t figure out which guys are the good guys and I’m afraid there’s a grim possibility that no one is a good guy at all.

I love what’s happening in this book and I can’t wait to read more in this series. This book hits the streets on April 8th, 2014- you should get you one!

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