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Aria has lots of problems but the biggest one is that she can’t keep her big mouth shut. Anytime anyone asks a question the answer just comes bubbling out. It isn’t a talent that makes her very popular. In fact, her best friend abandoned her, her parents want nothing to do with her and she is almost universally despised at school. When one of the nicest girls at school disappears Aria has to navigate a world full of questions and try to control her tongue before it gets her in a big heap of trouble.

The idea of special young women who can reveal the secrets of the world has been around for a long time. Aria is a sort of oracle, but she’s not in a pristine temple on a Greecian hillock. She’s in Florida… at a high school dealing with ordinary- and extraordinary problems. This book has a lot of win if you are looking for a book with some mystery, mythology and romance.

Special thanks to Soho Teen for the free advance e-book! I enjoyed it a lot!

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