Someone (who shall remain nameless for their own protection) once asked me in all seriousness why we don’t just send all our garbage into outer space!  Guess what? We have.  Well, not ALL of it…but, a lot.  There’s enough trash out there for scientists to have stuck a name to the [prophetic] scenario wherein the amount of debris orbiting the Earth would prevent us from launching satellites into orbit. It’s called Kessler’s Syndrome.  

And the really bad thing about Kessler’s Syndrome is the part where it explains that the impact between two objects would create more debris.  This debris would then hit other objects, creating even more trash.  It just gets worse as the pieces of rubble get smaller and smaller! The more pieces there are out there, the greater the chances of another impact.

NORAD acts as a kind of air traffic controller for everyone by keeping track of all this floating junk so that there are no collisions.  We need to protect our satellites. Without them, we wouldn’t have the Internet or GPS navigation.  We wouldn’t be able to forecast the weather, or watch TV, or spy on our neighbors. Without them, we’d have to forget space travel altogether—forever!

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think that even though we have polluted our own planet, we aren’t so irresponsible that we’ve screwed up our escape plan too! It’s the only other alternative if we can’t fix Earth.  If the trash orbiting our planet gets any deeper, humanity is well and truly stuck here on this planet for eternity.

Of course, “ETERNITY” – for us – might not be that long.
Scientists are working on ways to clean up this mess.     Clean Up link
Here is a link about the IMAX documentary movie.      SPACE JUNK 3D
For myself, I have renewed my efforts to create something from my own stash of trash (which I have called The Flotsam Project.)  I can’t clean up Outer Space, and I can’t clean up the Earth, but maybe I can clean up around my house?  Or at the very, very least  – around my desk.                                                                              
I took a look at all my duplicate photos stored in boxes and decoupaged them onto fiberboard.  I then put it all inside a glass frame to hang on the wall, as you would a portrait of just one picture.  No more boxes of duplicates!


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