May the Luck of the Irish be with ya!

People all over the world are celebrating all things Irish today.  They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day so I’m offering a few ideas on how I will spread Irish cheer (and you can too)…

  • Wear Green (ok, so this is obvious)
  • Capture a Leprechaun – easy peasy
  • Have a bowl of lucky charms for breakfast, lunch and dinner (they are magically delicious)
  • Find a four leaf clover to pin to my shirt or just wear a plastic shamrock (that I will buy from the dollar store)
  • Open up a kissing booth for all thoseKiss me I’m Irish” people to rent
  • Take 5 minutes to learn Irish folk dancing
  • Most importantly – CHECK OUT A BOOK – here are a few suggestions of books set in Ireland


Space Junk

Someone (who shall remain nameless for their own protection) once asked me in all seriousness why we don’t just send all our garbage into outer space!  Guess what? We have.  Well, not ALL of it…but, a lot.  There’s enough trash out there for scientists to have stuck a name to the [prophetic] scenario wherein the amount of debris orbiting the Earth would prevent us from launching satellites into orbit. It’s called Kessler’s Syndrome.  

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