While I love ghosts and the paranormal, I usually do not read ghost stories. I am not into horror (I have a vivid imagination that makes for interesting nightmares), so I usually do not read ghost stories. I’m not afraid of ghosts (the show Ghost Hunters helped) but I usually do not read ghost stories. But, a couple of weeks ago I decided to read a ghost story. And it was really good!

Amelia is an eighteen year old ghost who remembers nothing about her life before death and doesn’t know how long she has been dead. She knows that she drowned in a river and often wakes up from nightmares in a graveyard. She has been wandering between these two places since her death until something happens. A teenage boy falls into the river and Amelia follows him into the water and helps him make it back onto dry ground and he sees her. His name is Joshua and he is the first person, alive or dead, who has acknowledged Amelia since her death. And this interaction wakes something in Amelia and she can finally see other ghosts as well, especially in the form of Eli, who haunts the river where Amelia drowned. Joshua and Amelia try to figure out if a human and a ghost can have a relationship while Eli tries to convince Amelia to become his apprentice which consists of helping him drown more victims. As these two relationships develop, Amelia begins to remember more about her life and death and a dramatic showdown occurs.

This book was a great teen story. It has ghosts, it has love, it has mystery, it has suspense, it even has a crazy grandmother! I finished the book and assumed it was a standalone but when I was looking for a cover image, I discovered it is the first of a trilogy. And the best part is all three books are already written – SCORE! I don’t have to wait years and forget what happened in between finishing one book and waiting for the next to be published. So, if you like the paranormal, I would say this book is for you. It is a win in my book.

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