This is also a Fantasy Free-For-All

Debra is divorced. Her father is dead, she is estranged from her mother and her twin sister is missing.  Debra is Kate’s mother.  All they have is each other.  That is, until Kate finally meets Grandmother and finds out why everyone has disappeared.

Grandmother is a historian from the future and wears a medallion that can transport her to the past!

Soon, with Grandmother’s help, Kate is traveling into the past to undo what her evil Grandfather started.  Along the way, she loses her best friend Charlayne whose storyline has changed and wonders what will become of her boyfriend Trey, who is in on the secret.

I liked the premise of the story, but I never fully understood how the time traveling was supposed to work  – or why.  If you can make the logical part of your brain SHUT UP, and just follow the characters to the end of the story, you’ll enjoy it.


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