Can a sequel ever be as good as the original?  When you’ve been waiting almost three years for the next one, can it possibly live up to expectations?

Well, yes.  And yes.

We’re not talking Sherlock, either.  Today we have Ransom Riggs going toe-to-toe with (drumroll) . . . . . .

Ransom Riggs.

Look at the covers – they are so ready to face off!



So. What’s new in number two? What’s different?

Jacob and Emma are off the island and headed to London – will the reader still feel like they are in the setting?  Absolutely.

They are on a quest to find a cure for Miss Peregrine – will the plot still creak and speed through and make you want to read all night with the lights on?  You bet.

Is the second really as good as the first?  Yes.  But it will leave you clawing down the library doors for the third.

This Book Battle is a tie.

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