History Undercover

Do You Recognize this Woman?

If you don’t, or even if you do, we have a book for you!

Phyllis Wheatley, a poet, was one of the foundations of African American literature.  Stolen from her home in Senegal in the late 17th century, she was sold as a slave in Massachusetts.  Her story is retold as a novel in Ann Rinaldi’s Hang a Thousand Trees With Ribbons, and it is a remarkable and totally absorbing read.

Rinaldi has many other historical titles, and here’s the thing about her books:  You can’t research a history paper with them.  But what you can do is get lost in the time and events of the past, and the lives of the people Rinaldi writes about.  Along the way, you’ll encounter excellently researched historical details, and find interesting leads to follow up on.  Rinaldi creates settings that make you feel like you’re really there – a part of things as they happen.