Comparing two novels, both involving interaction with people from other planets:

Alienated teen book battles

by Melissa Landers


This book centers around high school senior, Cara Sweeny, who seems to be the best at everything — schoolwork, debate club, blogging, life.  She is handpicked to host the first ever L’eihr exchange student, an alien from another planet that recently intiated contact with Earth.  Aelyx is, of course, gorgeous and eventually, a romance between Cara and Aelyx blossoms.  Problems arise when many on Earth are frightened by the L’eihrs and mount protests, etc. against the exchange student idea.  Characters, including Cara’s parents, are well portrayed.  It’s a fast, fun read and there are sure to be sequels!


Obsidian teen book battles

by Jennifer Armentrout

Obsidian is the first in the Lux novels series.  It is a more complex story, with details being reveiled throughout the book to keep the suspense going.  Seventeen-year-old Katy and her mother move to West Virginia to start a new life.  Next door neighbors, Daemon and Dee (twins) are more gorgeous than any human could be and dramatic weather changes and strange bursts of light occur when Daemon is around.  The plot thickens when we learn of other aliens hunting Daemon and his kind.  Of course, there is romance!  The story is well-told and keeps you guessing.  It is more complex than Alienated and followed by several sequels, all ending in cliff-hangers!  The newest book in the series, Opposition, will be published this August so you have time to catch up.

Both books are great reads, but in this battle, I choose Obsidian as the winner.


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