Win, Lose or Draw – Confessions: The Private School Murders


Confessions: The Private School Murders is the second in a series by James Patterson. If you want to find out about the first book, check out my review here:

In the Private School Murders, Tandy and her brothers are no longer murder suspects themselves. Well, all except the oldest brother, Matty, who is being investigated for the murder of his pregnant (and cheating) girlfriend. Tandy’s horrible “Uncle Pig” only makes a short cameo in this book and he leaves them in the care of a new guardian, the mysterious and beefcake Jared. Since Tandy is no longer under the influence of the super drugs her father had been feeding her, she had actually been able to make a few friends, but she is not sure how to handle all the emotions she is now capable of feeling.

While she is trying to concentrate on helping Matty out and find out who really murdered his girlfriend, she begins have flashbacks about her boyfriend, James. Eventually these lead to full-blown memories of the relationships and the hospitalization her parents authorized to wipe her brain clean of all these memories. It makes the reader kind of wish that Tandy’s folks were still alive, so she could have the chance to confront them.

In addition to all of this going on, Tandy also decides tp help out Caputo, of the NYPD, in solving the murders of several local private school girls. Oh, and also, she nominates herself to figure out why there are a bunch of poisonous snakes and spiders roaming around her apartment building.

While all of this sounds like too much to squeeze into one book, it actually all works perfectly together and one mystery helps solve the other in very believable writing. I would call this book a win and can’t wait for the next book in the series.