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When it comes to books, I tend to like mine a little on the thick side. Coraline is one of the skinniest books I’ve read in ages, but don’t let that fool you! Neil Gaiman tells Coraline’s story in 162 pages, and that story is unforgettable!

Coraline and her parents move to a new home out in the middle of nowhere. They don’t have time for her and there aren’t any other kids around so Coraline goes exploring. While on her adventures she discovers a mysterious locked door. Behind the locked door is a passageway and of course Coraline goes through.


On the other side Coraline discovers a house that is very much like her own and parents that always seems to have time for her. Things start to get creepy when her button-eyed pseudo parents decide they want to keep Coraline forever.


You know what they say, the book is always better than the movie. The writing in this book really sets a creepy tone that is sticky kind of like a nightmare in book format. The movie is a pretty fabulous work of art in its own right but more kid-friendly than terrifying. Interested? I found this trailer just for you!

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