“One of the smartest, and best, novels of the year.” – Nancy Pearl, NPR


Whenever I read a review like that I feel like I’m being challenged to read the book just to see if it’s true.  This time I’m glad I did.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Wein at a conference last summer and we talked about Code Name Verity. It sounded like a fascinating read, and I put it on my list of titles to get to.  Ms. Wein was equally fascinating, and clearly truly passionate about the writing process, her characters, and telling a story of some of the less-known heroes of history.

Code Name Verity follows the story of a female spy and a female pilot both involved in underground resistance movements during World War II.  Yes, this book is fiction, but the author’s meticulous research pays off in creating characters and setting give insight into real lives of women taking on new roles events demanded of them.

This book is fabulous.

Laugh and cry out loud.  Read like wildfire to reach the end and then wish it wasn’t done.  And then just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s Rose Under Fire – Ms. Wein’s latest novel, and a companion work to Code Name Verity.



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