How stunning is that cover? I mean, it is a thing of true beauty!! Don’t you agree?


I was very lucky to receive access to an e-ARC from Razorbill. (Thanks guys!) I was so excited to have a chance to get a sneak peek at this beautiful book! The story sounded amazing… this super smart girl is selected to participate in an exclusive program that will allow her to ride piggy-back in the mind of another person. She’ll get to see and hear and even feel everything they see, hear and feel. This, my friends, is the power of science at work. It is a bold new world and I was ready to leap straight in with both feet!!


Unfortunately as I read through the story I was filled with apathy for the characters. I didn’t care for their plights. I didn’t feel invested in their adventures. I felt… nothing and the plot didn’t feel urgent. I didn’t desperately NEED to read more and every page felt like a battle… not good. It just didn’t grab me, so although I appreciate the opportunity to read the book and I enjoyed the premise of the book, I’m going to declare this one a lose. 🙁

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