Every year, near the end of January, I catch it –

For those of you who have never experienced Phil Fever, it is that incredible anticipation of seeing the cutest rodent in the world be yanked from his hiding place to prognosticate (vocab word look for it on the SATs) regarding the weather.  Punxsatawney Phil may be the greatest weather rat, I mean forecaster of all time.  Remember that movie Groundhog Day?

Well, there actually is a Phil festival every year in Punxsatawney, PA.  They celebrate all things Phil!  There are Phil sightings for days leading up to the festival and you can take away, Phil tshirts, bags, keychains, underwear (ok maybe not underwear but you get the point – they have a lot of Philgear).  If you can contain your Phil Fever and don’t want to stand in the cold all night to wait for Phil to make his prediction check out a movie from the library.  Watch Groundhog’s Day or some other movie, over and over and over again.  In this case, I say Feed a Fever!

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