This is the latest book by one of my favorite authors. It was just published in January of 2014.

Hayley Kincain has spent the last five years on the road with her father. Now they are back in his hometown to try to settle into to “normal” life. Only Hayley doesn’t know what “normal” life is and feels like she is the only real person in a high school full of zombies. However, she is reunited with an old friend and starts a sort-of romance with Finnegan Ramos, who is probably the only one who truly understands her.

Her home life is just as confusing. Her father, Andy, is an Iraq war veteran and can’t escape the war-it lives on in his memories and nightmares. His life spirals out of control and despite her best efforts Hayley can’t make everything ok. This is a story about how a father’s trauma hurts the person he loves most in the world. And how sacrificing yourself can’t make another person better. But it is also a story of recovery and love.

This is a win. Definitely.

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