Have you ever given much thought to the Nature vs. Nurture debate? You know, the idea that someone is more defined by the things he or she experiences or the counter-argument that genetics determines how a person behaves. I didn’t realize I had strong feelings one way or the other until I picked up The Uninvited by Sophie Jordan.


Here’s the premise: an exceptionally talented wunderkind named Davy undergoes a routine blood test that determines she will become a killer. She doesn’t have a choice- no amount of love and support will prevent her from eventually becoming a killer- it is in her nature and someone is going to die at her hand.


Deep down I believe everyone has the power to make choices. So I guess I’m on the nurture side of the debate. The Uninvited forced me to break out of my pre-conceived notions and examine the possible power of genetics. The concept is very cool and readers that act first and think about the repercussions later will find Davy Hamilton relatable. Sophie Jordan gives us a dark, sad world that just keeps getting darker; a new dystopian playground for readers to explore.


Bring on the darkness SJ, because I’m ready for the second book in this thought-provoking series.


**This review was made possible by HarperCollins Children- they shared a free e-proof and I’m sharing my thoughts. How cool is that?! This book is scheduled to be released on January 28, 2014. 

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