Being a Landry means something. To Madeline’s parents it means nearly unimaginable power over the most powerful caste, the gentry. To Madeline it means a life of luxury dampened by responsibility. To the Rootless being a Landry means supporting a system of oppression that will kill their neighbors, friends and children.

Welcome to Landry Park, the regal estate of the Landry family. On the grounds of Landry Park you’ll see glittering oppulence, lavish luncheons, balls, banquets and everything in excess. But if you look beyond the shimmering surface you might see a tattered shadow carting off the nuclear waste that fuels the Landry’s lifestyle.

This is such a cool setting. It is dystopian without copying every other dystopia on the shelves. It has elements of historic propriety set in the future. If you like Downton Abbey you’ll fall in love with Landry Park… I know I have!!


This book is scheduled to hit shelves on February 4th. Mark your calendar- you’ll thank me later!

Special thanks to Bethany Hagen, Dial and Edelweiss for the free e-ARC.

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