What would you do if your dying mom’s only wish involved you breaking up with your first love?

For Claire the decision wasn’t easy, but she’d been a daughter longer than she’d been a girlfriend. She broke up with Jared. It was devestating, heartbreaking, soul-crushing and just plain pitiful.

Unfortunately while Claire was sinking under the weight of all that emotional baggage Jared turned his heartbreak into a record breaking soundtrack and suddenly all the worst parts of their relationship had airplay on every radio station. Jared made big bucks and launched his music career while Claire’s dreams fell to pieces and she was branded the evil ex.

A twist of fate, a random chance, the aligning of the stars or maybe just by coincidence Claire and Jared are pushed back together.

Can they possibly learn to be friends?

Can Claire ever forget how he used her life story to snag a record deal?

Will the world discover Claire is the cruel heartbreaker from Jared’s famous songs?

Can Claire find a way to achieve her own dreams, or will she always be in the shadow of her past relationship?

I like this book, and I think fans of realistic fiction will enjoy it too. It is a quick and easy read.

Shout out to Netgalley, Tracey Martin and Harlequin Teen for the free e-arc.

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