If I say spies and espionage what do you think of?  I think of James Bond.  I decided to take a look at some books that feature spying.  BATTLE ROYALE STYLE


The Ring of Five by Eoin McNamee

Due to bullying Danny Caufield has been receiving, his parents have enrolled him in a boarding school.  But he is kidnapped and taken to another boarding school, one for spies.  The spy school is sandwiched between our world and a third realm that has been taken over by evil creatures and people.  Danny has to become a great spy because he maybe the only person that can stop the evil from spreading to our world.

Verdict: This book has many similarities to the Harry Potter series.  Unfortunately, I found the story plot predictable.   

Maid of Secrets by Jennifer McGowan

Set in the 1559 England, Meg Fellows is a thief.  She works with Golden Rose Theater group picking pockets during performances.  However, Meg is caught and forced to become part of Queen Elizabeth I’s Maids of Honor, an all female spy group.   Meg must find a murderer, save the Crown, and find out who in court she can trust or she will lost more than her freedom.

Verdict: Those who love historical fiction will enjoy this.  The beginning is quick paced and will have you guessing who can be trusted.  But for me the middle of the story started to dragged on a bit.  But overall, it was an interesting read.  This is book one in the Maids of Honor series by Jennifer McGowan.   

Palace of Spies by Sarah Zettell

Margaret Fitzroy is 16 in 1709 England and has lived with her “pinch-faced miser” of an uncle and his family for seven years.  Until she is thrown out and finds herself taken in by a curious band of spies and convinced to assume the identity of Lady Francesca.  Lady Francesca was a part of the Ladies in Waiting to Princess Caroline.  Margaret has to find out who killed Lady Francesca, who in the royal household is a traitor, and how to navigate her new life as Lady Francesca.  This is the first book in the series.

Verdict: The beginning of the book was slow but the story picked up pace further in.  I had a problem with some of the situations Margaret found herself in, they did not make sense to me.  Why didn’t any of Lady Francesca’s friends or enemies realize Margaret was not Lady Francesca?  They didn’t look-alike, but looked similar.  Why didn’t Margaret ask which side she was spying for?  Were her employers trying to overthrown King George I or to protect his reign?  

Winner: Maid of Secrets by Jenifer McGowan

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