Today’s review is probably going to play out more like a book brawl than a formal battle. I’m going to share with you all of my favorite books that involve the character literally going to another world within the story.

Fushigi Yugi by Yuu Watase

Miaka is worried about school- her grades aren’t what they could be. So she does what all smart boys and girls do when faced with school woes- she heads to the library where she is sucked into ancient China through an unusual book. This series is probably one of my favorites and I would recommend it to book lovers in general not just manga fanatics.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Most of these books start with a protagonist that is ordinary- Karou is NOT ordinary. She’s a blue haired, tattooed, teenage artist living alone in a flat in Prague. As a child she lived at the nexus between two worlds, but eventually Brimstone gave her the boot and since then she’s been working for him gathering teeth like a portal-skipping customs-bypassing tooth-fairy.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Meg is one of those ordinary protagonists I mentioned a minute ago. Compared to her scientist mom and dad and her genius baby brother Charles Wallace, Meg seems mostly awkward and immature. Of course, her life ends up far from ordinary as she is transported through space and time using a tesseract with the help of her supernatural neighbor Mrs. Whatsit. Meg and Charles Wallace square off against the evil darkness while searching for their missing dad with the help of Calvin O’Keefe, the misunderstood athlete. This book has won a ton of awards and my personal endorsement (for whatever that’s worth!)

Harry Potter by JK Rowling

Harry grew up in a muggle household- which is to say everything throughout his childhood was exceedingly ordinary. All of that changed when he turned 11 and received an invitation to a very special school which could only be reached by a hidden train platform. Spoiler Alert: Harry goes to Hogwarts and has extraordinary adventures with his friends, together they grow up and work to destroy the most evil wizard ever.

These books are all awesome. I don’t even know how to declare a winner here. I guess I declare YOU the winner Dear Reader, because if you haven’t already got these on your “read” list, they should definitely go on your “to-read” list.

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