This is a Fantasy Free-For-All

In this retelling of the Fairy Tale “Snow White”, author Tracy Lynn makes a few changes.  It seems that Snow White’s real name is Jessica.  Like the original version, she is a motherless child. When her father marries again, the woman he chooses is evil and dabbles in the black arts.

The mirror is still there, but this time the step-mother requires a young fiddler named Alan to bring the mirror to her and hold it up. He was a friend to Jessica. However, now that the step-mother has put him under her spell, he must do as she bids. The Seven Dwarfs are not human and are called “The Lonely Ones”.  These seven animal/human hybrids were created by the evil queen.  Raven, the bird man, falls in love with Jessica.

Just as in real life, there is no Prince Charming to rescue her.  Jessica must use her own resources to regain her place as Princess.

I really enjoyed this story  EXCEPT for the ending.  There was plenty of magic to suit me, but this version did not punish the Queen!  I don’t think a story can properly be called a Fairy Tale if there is no retribution. But, that’s just me.


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