I love a historical novel and this one did not disappoint me.  Isabel and her sister Ruth lived during the time of the American Revolution.   They should have been freed when their mistress passed away.  Unfortunately, her greedy nephew saw the chance to make a few dollars and sold the girls to a couple from New York.  This couple are loyal to the King and busy working to stop America’s fight for freedom.

Isabel meets a young slave boy Curzon,  who is fighting for freedom and he convinces her to work for the Rebellion.  The Rebellion has many difficulties.  Isabel wants to quit but cannot.  Her efforts to help the Americans put her life in danger time after time.

Isabel also has many troubles with her cruel mistress.  Ruth has seizures and Isabel does her best to protect her younger sister, but ends up losing track of Ruth when the mistress sells her.

This novel is full of little nuggets of how life was back in the 1700’s for the colonists and the slaves they kept. Thanks for them Ms Anderson!  This is the first in a series and hopefully the next book is as good as this.

A perfect novel if you want to get ready for African-American History Month.

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