Vivi is genetically predisposed to turning into a jaguar. It is a family thing, and although her parents see it as a wonderful gift Vivi knows it makes her a freak. Vivi can’t change her parents, but she won’t be like them. In fact, Vivi plans to move as far away as possible at the earliest convenience… but Vivi’s plans change when her parents are brutally murdered right before her eyes. Vivi’s relationship with her parents was fraught with friction but life without them is beyond empty. Vivi is haunted by her parents’ death and the fear that the danger isn’t over yet.


This is a story about a shapeshifter… a girl on a journey… families (chosen and genetic)… living… becoming who you are meant to be… and accepting who you always were. I love it. My biggest complaint is that it ended too soon.


Thanks Simon Pulse for the free e-ARC!


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