Being the older sister comes with a lot of responsibility. Just ask Zelia! She’s been catering to her little sis Dylia while their dad moves the family sporadically around the country doing some important but kind of mysterious science-y stuff. Lately Dylia has been growing up so fast Zel can hardly keep up but that’s ok since their dad keeps an eye on everything. He might not be around a lot but he knows what is best and helps them make all of the important choices in life… until he isn’t there anymore. Suddenly it is just Zel and Dyl versus the world… and that world is full of genetically mutated freaks with personal, corporate and political agendas. When Dylia is jerked away Zelia is willing to give up anything to rescue her kid sister… and that’s when the real story begins.

Control is Lydia Kang’s first book, and definitely a worthy first addition to any teen sci-fi shelf.

A special thank you to Dial for the free advance reader copy! It was a pleasant read!

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