Remember when I wrote a post about the book Glow and how awesome it is and how there are not enough amazing space-themed books for teens? Well, Amie Kaufman is improving the genre by lightyears.

These Broken Stars is like Titanic in space. Tarver and Lilac meet by chance on a luxury spaceship. Tarver is the soldier type, but heroic acts have made him popular in the social circles of the rich and famous. Lilac on the other hand lives life at the top of the social hierarchy. These two never should have met but then something happened and now they are stuck together.

I love this book so much. I can’t even tell you how much I adore this book! I mean, look at that beautiful cover! I could talk for hours about how awesome this book is, but you must read what is inside for yourself!

Thank you Disney Book Group, NetGalley and Amie Kaufman for sharing this book with me!!

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