The holiday season is now in effect and many of us are out shopping for gifts!  But why go into the mall or stores and fight the crowds??  Why not MAKE  some gifts?!

DIY  IT!!  

Kilobyte Couture: geek chic jewelry to make from easy-to-find computer components by Brittany Forks

kilobyte coutureInteresting, but I wasn’t sure if some of the computer parts used are full of heavy metals.

Eco books: inventive projects from the recycling bin by Terry Taylor

ecobooksA nice way to recycle and make a original  journal/diary/sketchbook.

Knitting mochimochi: 20 super-cute strange designs for knitted amigurumi by Anna Hrachovec

knitThe projects in this are SO CUTE ! If you cannot knit, give the books to someone who can, and maybe they will make you something.

The Feisty  stitcher: sewing projects with attitude by Susan Wasinger

feistyThis one is my favorite!! I have alright decided I’m making about 2 or 3 of these projects.  One is a change purse and a cashmere scarf from sweaters.

Alchemy arts: recycling is chic by Kate MacKay

 alchemy artsDon’t let the book cover fool you!  This has mind-boggling ideas on how to recycle items into wearable objects.  Look for the project on how to turn a shower curtain into a rain poncho.

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