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This is the true story of a young girl who was kidnapped June 5, 2002 from her own home in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She endured brutal treatment, starvation and rape by her two captors – a religious fanatic and his wife – until her rescue on March 12, 2003.

Elizabeth Smart tells us how she survived and how she has been able to move forward to enjoy a happy, purposeful life.

Although I knew about this story from the news that came out when it happened, it was humbling to read about the courage and wisdom that this 14 year old girl showed in her determination to survive. It also serves as a reminder that though most people are decent, there are those out there of whom we should beware.

Two other books have been written about this tragedy – one by her Uncle and one by her Father.  See Links Below

IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Startling Truth Behind The Elizabeth Smart Investigation by Smart, Tom


Other true-life stories of kidnapping:

A STOLEN LIFE by Dugard, Jaycee Lee

BRINGING ADAM HOME by Standiford, Les


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