“Because I do have feelings, and if I were beautiful and talented and famous, I’d make it as hard for you to leave me as it is for me to leave you.”
April Lindner, Jane

 Being that I love all things Brontë, Jane by April Lindner called to me as it sat upon the library bookshelf.  I was hooked from the minute I opened the page.  Jane Moore is quite like Jane Eyre just more modern but still with an old soul.  If you are curious what Jane Eyre would be like in the modern world, Jane Moore is a great example.  Jane is forced to leave college due to unfortunate events in her life and takes on a job as a nanny for Nico Rathburn, mega rockstar and master of Thornfield Park.  In true romance fashion the story unfolds as these two individuals dance around each other from scene to scene till you just want to knock one of them in the head.  No one can ever replace the original Jane Eyre but Jane was a pleasure to read so eat a lot of leftover  turkey and pumpkin pie, then curl up and read!


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