We all love The Hunger Games.  Or at least most of us do.  But just in case you need to get away from the heat of the Catching Fire movie release, TBB brings you

The Great Survival Story Throwdown

We’ll get you started with a few books.  Then add your favorite survival story (other than any of the Hunger Games series) in the comments.  Be sure to include title, author, and why your favorite character from the book would win at the Hunger Games.

Happy Writing, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Kathy Reichs

Why Tory Brennan would win the Hunger Games:Science, pure and simple.  Tory would scientifically analyze the entire situation and then act based on the results.  She would treat the Hunger Games like a puzzle that has to be solved.   And of course being genetically altered won’t hurt her either.  Probably.   The catch – she would want the rest of the pack to win with her and she would need their skills to make it happen.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Mark Haddon

Why Christopher would win the Hunger Games:

Christopher can’t lie.  He doesn’t read social cues well.  And when he is over-stimulated, he withdraws and/or shrieks.  These may sound like disadvantages, but they might not be.  Why? Because not a whole lot of people understand Christopher or why Asperger’s makes him act the way he does.  He can be unpredictable and pretty scary.  But more than all of this, Christopher is SMART.  He has encyclopedic knowledge of how things work, even if the knowledge of how people work often eludes him.

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