I’m interrupting this Teen Book Battle with a special announcement. 


Recently I had a chance to read a copy of Pawn by Aimee Carter thanks to Harlequin Teen and Netgalley. (It was awesome.) You might remember Aimee Carter from the popular Goddess Test series. Well, she’s back with a new dystopian playground for readers.

In Pawn a test determines your entire future. If you are smart enough you can live a life of luxury. It doesn’t matter what your background is you can secure a place of privilege just by being clever. Most people end up with a secure middle class lifestyle but there’s always the opportunity for significantly more… or significantly less.

On the day Kitty Doe turns 17 she takes the test and is sentenced to a life of poverty and hard work. Life as a III doesn’t come with comfort or hope- the only guarantee for a III is hardship. The stars align to offer Kitty a chance to trade in her old life as a III to move to the top of the social pyramid. It will only cost everything she has ever known to become a VII. (Good stuff, right??)

So, why am I breaking away from a Teen Book Battle post to tell you about this book??? Because they are doing a giveaway on GoodReads and I thought you might want to take a chance and enter to try and win a free copy of Pawn! There are 15 copies available but you only have until November 26th to enter. (If you don’t win keep an eye out it might be coming to a library near you!)

Good luck Readers!!! 

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