Alex Flinn is the author of the book Beastly and I loved the movie so I was excited to hear about Cloaked.
I had the pleasure to read this funny, witty story. When I started to read the story I didn’t hold my attention and I thought about not reading it, but I am glad I did. Cloaked incorporates fairy tales into the life of Johnny, a teenage boy who spends 16 hours a day of his summer working at his family’s shoe repair business. There is nothing exciting about Johnny’s life, or his future. He is sure he will repair shoes for the rest of his life. The hot-looking princess Victoriana arrives in South Beach and stays at the hotel where his family’s shoe repairs business is located, and that’s where it gets weird. First the princess speaks to everyday Johnny, why would she speak to him, he’s nobody, right and then late at night she sneaks and stares at him. If things couldn’t get any better, she invites him to her room. Okay, okay only to repair her favorite shoe. Now the princess wants to send Johnny on a mission to find her brother… a frog, and she will marry him. Great a hot girl speaks to Johnny only to find out she is nuts. Or is she? Before Johnny can find the frog prince, Johnny needs equipment an earpiece to speak to animals and a cloak that will transport Johnny wherever he wishes. Not to mention an Opal ring from his best friend and secret crush Meg. Johnny goes on an adventure that you only read in storybooks, he talks to rats, and a fox that turns out to be his father. He has to figure out how to slay two giants that is terrorizing the National Park for Deers…maybe Thanksgiving turkeys will do. If you love fairy tales, fractured fairy tales and a cute romance in between,this is a true win.

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