What we have here are two books about love and acceptance.

Male version

This book opens with the voice of a gay man who died of AIDS saying, “We were once like you, only our world wasn’t like yours.”  He tries to explain how difficult it was for previous generations of gay men and women to live openly without fear or shame or sadness. The stories he tells of past lives intertwine with the stories that are happening now – and lead us to wonder about the stories that will take place in the future.

Female version

17-year old Alyssa of Virginia Beach, VA is disowned by her Father and sent to live with a Mother she hardly knows in Colorado.  Her crime?  She loves Sarah. Will Alyssa be strong enough to deal with the pain of rejection and accept herself ?


I enjoyed both of these books.  Two Boys Kissing was the more powerfully written of the two.  The voices of those who died of AIDS, the discrimination and abuse endured simply because of sexual orientation was entirely believable and sad.

She loves you, she loves you not described the daily life of Alyssa after the betrayal really well.  The depression and alienation she felt was clear and understandable.

The Winner?

It doesn’t matter what nationality or what ethnic background you come from, homosexuality has always existed in human society – whether it was acknowledged or not, whether it was accepted or not.  The idea that some lives matter less because they are different from yours is the root of all that is wrong with the world.  Reject hate. End discrimination.

YA Books at Chesapeake Public Library System on these topics:

TOTALLY JOE by James Howe

SO HARD TO SAY by Sanchez, Alex

ALMOST PERFECT by Katchu, Brian

WHEN I KNEW by Trachtenberg, Robert

EIGHT SECONDS by Ferris, Jean

BABY BE BOP by Block, Francesca

KISSING KATE by Myracle, Lauren


CRUSH by Mac, Carrie


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