This book doesn’t fit into any of our categories, so I guess it must be a rule breaker! It is a memoir and it is technically an adult book, but the main characters in it are teens.  It’s a story about two guys named Wes Moore who grew up in very familiar situations but have two very different fates.  Both were raised by single mothers, in poor neighborhoods, who moved around a lot as kids and were both headed down not so good paths.  One of the Wes’, the author, was sent to military school and turned his life around. The other Wes is serving a life sentence for armed robbery and murder.

The author saw the story of the other Wes Moore in the newspaper and couldn’t get him out of his head. He realized how easily he could have wound up to be the Wes in prison.  After awhile of not being able to forget about the other Wes, the author writes a letter to him in prison, never expecting to hear back. Much to his surprise, he does.  The author winds up visiting the other Wes in prison and the two eventually share their stories.  The author talks to his family and the other Wes’s family and writes this book.  It is ultimately a story about how our choices determine our lives.  But, it also gives insight into how the choices of those around us influence our choices.

I would highly recommend this book to all teens.  It shows how fragile life  can be and how one bad choice can be all that it takes to ruin your life and one good choice can make it right.

Here is a book trailer for those of you who are more visual!


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