Until It Hurts to Stop

Maggie was tormented in junior high by the other girls, and even though she is now in high school. Her tormentors have moved on, even the ringleader Raleigh Barringer has moved away. However Maggie is still looking for attacks, checking under bathroom stalls, and bracing herself, for jokes and laughs.
Okay I was completely ready to not recommend this book. Maggie’s constant worrying about what happen to her in junior high was at times a little much. I mean couldn’t she see that she had friends who adored her, and especially Nick her adventurous hiking buddy. Who after kissing her wanted to be more than friends, and just maybe she wanted more too. Until Raleigh Barringer returns, and Maggie’s anxiety takes over, when will Raleigh strike again? Maggie was stuck in the events of junior high and she was drowning in it. Nick starts to date someone else and Sylvie has stopped talking to Maggie. It is happening all over again. Maggie has to find the courage to overcome her past before it destroys her future. I think this book is defiantly worth a read. Until It Hurts to Stop, takes you through the mind of someone who has been bullied and their struggles to overcome. I would have to say that this book is a draw for me. The subject was compelling but I found myself just wanting to get through it.