The I am Number Four Series is about a group of aliens (the Loriens) who have come to Earth to fight off another group of evil aliens (the Mogadorians, or Mogs) who have already destroyed the planet Lorien and are now planning on taking over our planet.  There were originally ten Loriens sent to planet Earth, but three of them have been killed by the Mogs.  The Loriens all develop legacies as they age.  Legacies are kind of like super powers.  All of them have telekinesis (the ability to move objects with your mind) and super strength but they all have individual powers as well. Whose legacies would you want?

Number Four – He is immune to fire. In fact, if there is any source of flame around, he can pick it up and form fireballs to hurl in his bare hands.

Number Six – invisibility.  She can also make others invisible by holding their hands.  She is the physically strongest of the group.

Number Seven – She can heal pretty much any wound as long as the person is still breathing.  She can also breath underwater.

Number Eight – He can teleport over short distances.  And take others with him.  He is also a shape shifter.

Number Nine He has super strength. He has super hearing. He has super sight. And, he can run on the ceiling!

Number Ten – She can change her age at will.

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