TRUE STORY SKIRMISH: Learning Japanese with Manga

Let’s be honest with ourselves!! 

Who among you IS NOT IMPRESSED when you find out someone you know speaks a foreign language!?  For those of you that are in denial and/or are not impressed, learning a foreign language can be useful and entertaining (I enjoy being able to read the mistakes in Japanese language tattoos). The library has items to help you learn a foreign language.


Japanese in MangaLand by Marc Bernabe


This is the best self-taught study book I have seen.  The book is broken into lessons which are bite size pieces of Japanese for beginners.  There are writing practice areas in the book for the different writing styles (please DON’T write IN the book).  Manga examples are used as teaching tools to help readers connect the lesson with how Japanese is used in everyday life.  This book is Volume 1 in a series of more advanced levels.

Japanese the Manga Way  by Wayne P. Lammers

This book is a guide to grammar & structure.  So, if you already know Japanese and need to know more about the mechanics of using sentence structure and grammar points, then this if the book for you.  In my opinion, this in not the best book for a beginner to use to learn the language but in the introduction of the book, the author provides a quick and basic overview of the Japanese language.   One thing I loved about this book is that it provides the titles of the mangas it uses, just in case I want to find and read it. (I’m keeping a list of the titles I want).


Both books are excellent, it just depends on what you want.  If you are a beginner go for Japanese in MangaLand, but if know some Japanese and need clarification on grammar and structure go for Japanese the Manga Way.