I remember when I was a kid how the time between Halloween and Christmas was an eternity. I remember when summer holidays lasted so long that I became bored somewhere in the middle and longed for school to start again.

Time stretched so far in front of me back then.  It was like a road disappearing in the distance.  I knew that I could walk it forever before I reached that tree at the far horizon.

Upon reaching adulthood, however, life began to blip by – picking up speed until everything began to blur around the edges and I was not always sure I was on the right path. And sometimes I wasn’t.

BLIP – I was working, BLIP – I got married, BLIP – I had a child
BLIP, BLIP, BLIP – My child is grown and I’m a grandparent!
My whole world has become a Tilt-A-Whirl ride. Stop! Time to put on the brakes and get off this thing! The next BLIP is the grave, and I’m not ready for that!
That tree on the horizon is only a few feet away now.  It’s so close I can see each individual leaf.  Hell, I can see the ants crawling on the leaf.  If I could just pause a moment here before getting back on that crazy carousel, I’d like to say a few things:
My husband:  a handsome devil, the rough and tough “bad boy”, mechanically inclined who also reads poetry, draws and plays guitar – ever gentle and kind with our daughter and now with our grand-daughter, his little dog by his side.
My daughter:  a beautiful gift. We were blessed later in life with this special girl who created so many warm and happy memories for us all.  Sweet and shy and magically possessed; she has become a true friend I enjoy spending time with.


My son-in-law: a strong, handsome military man who has stepped up to his responsibilities and who has an open, cheerful sense of humor.
My grand-daughter:  Well, who could do anything but love a little baby girl?  So much promise ahead of her.
I’m doing a job I like, I have co-workers who I’m happy to see each day, I don’t owe anyone money and my health is still good.
So now I’ll step back up on the dance floor with all the other whirling dervishes who are watching their life spin away from them in little fragments – and I’ll just ask the conductor for a slower tune, please.  I’d like to savor the time I have left before the clock strikes midnight.

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Born to read, forced to work.

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