The Great Gatsby was required reading back in ye olde high school. In my wild youth I was philosophically opposed to having anyone dictate my reading material and so I naturally hated the book on principle. I resented the flighty characters and their flexible morality. My dislike carried me through until I sat down to watch the 2013 Leonardo DiCaprio rendition of The Great Gatsby.

The whole beautiful tragedy of The Great Gatsby really came alive in the movie. There were rousing parties, reckless car chases, irrepressible spirits trapped by marriage and duty- and they were all so sympathetic. I hadn’t really seen past my prejudices to see the humanity peeking through the pages of the book and so I was completely astonished to find it all so vividly portrayed on the screen. Oh they were all fools, but they were merry fools drinking and partying and making horrible decisions without a care for what might come next… and then there was Gatsby driven by love and ambition and hope for the future stuck among all those glittering, giggling fools.

To this day, I side with the movie over the book, but it is all on principle- you understand right? Also, this movie/book contains mature themes that may be inappropriate for some readers/viewers. If you do choose to read the book or watch the movie let me know what you think!!

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2 thoughts on “Read & Reel Rumble: The Great Gatsby

  1. You must also watch the 1974 Robert Redford/Mia Farrow version! The story felt more tragic, and Daisy was less sympathetic. The book is still one of my favorite of Fitzgerald.

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